Last Breath on Earth [WWIII Challenge]

World War Three.

They said, “This is it!” fifty years ago.

And then they said it again thirty years ago.

Then they stopped, and said war would never happen again now that the peace contract had been signed.

So tell me, by God, tell me, why did the soldiers stay in the barracks? If there was a peace contract, why weren’t the world’s armies disbanded? Why did we keep the guns, the ammo, the bombs?!?! Tell me!

I said this would happen. Never would we, the humans on this earth, be able to stop fighting. I said it in my home. I shouted it into the streets. I kept screaming that they were all retarded for believing that this peace would hold, even as they swept me into the asylum!

No one listened.

Now they’re sorry. They don’t have anywhere to live, no food to eat, no society to put their stupid hope in!

I didn’t even bother to brag into their faces that I told them so!

After all, what’s the point of wasting your last minutes on earth yelling at people when you’re all slipping away, dying in the toxic air?

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