Some Fresh Air and the Truth

When Katra and Olgoth heard the other warrior’s voice, they both looked up, Katra in disappointment and Olgoth in surprise.

“You’re…Katra’s Mother? How did you two manage to hide all this time? As soldiers, right here with us?” Olgoth couldn’t comprehend the deviousness of this ruse, or the obliviousness of the peasant army.

“Never mind that! Stop the bleeding and then tell me what’s wrong with her!” Katra’s Mom commanded.

“Let’s take her to the medical tent she needs stitches.” Olgoth picked her up. About that time a dark shape flew over them. Olgoth was glad, he hoped Marduke could clear up this mystery.

Kira and Katra were put next to each other in the medical tent. Olgoth and Katra’s Mom watched as their wounds were treated. It was like watching some odd play. When one was being stitched, the other cried out. The nurses were quite beside themselves.

“Mardy! You have some explaining to do!” Olgoth couldn’t watch any more and he strode out of the tent to get some fresh air and the truth.

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