The Curse

Katra’s Mom was close behind Olgoth as they confronted the wisest creature who never shares anything!

“Is this some kind of rude joke? I thought I’d lost my Katra once! I suffered her loss! Now there’s something wrong with her? Speak!”

“When I breathed Katra’s soul back into her body, Kira walked into the flame. Apparently now they can feel each other’s pains. It’s rare, but who knows what happens when a body interferes with old magic. You’re lucky Katra’s soul didn’t split into two bodies!” Marduke sneered. She didn’t like being told what to do.

“How is this… curse righted?” Olgoth implored.

Marduke stated, “You’re right to call it a curse, it will cause them much suffering I’m afraid.” Then she spread her wings and walked away from the tent to take flight, leaving two very upset and baffled parents behind.

“The dragon makes me so mad! Why did Katra have to get involved with Kira?!” She was near tears.

“Because, she loves him.” Olgoth stated quietly. It was a truth neither could deny.

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