The Road

The road headed west across the grassy plain. Travelers were safe while taking the road, until where it turned to head north. At this turn was the town of Lighthaven, the last stop before traveling through the Dark Forest.

Once a traveler would head north, the road passed through a narrow passage in the Dark Forest. Travel during the day was relatively safe, but at night it was more dangerous.

One who traveled this road would stop and stay at Lighthaven. Here they could take a rest, stock up on supplies, then prepare themselves for traveling north.

If one was heading south, reaching Lighthaven was a relief. The ten mile path through the Dark Forest always put the traveler on edge. They had to be on guard at all times. No one ever traveled it alone.

What travelers did not know was that the goblins in the Dark Forest only attacked when the opportunity was present. However, in the past few months they had started to get bolder. Attacks were starting to rise. It was as if they knew something was coming.

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