Giant Spheres of Dead People

Open your eyes and find comfort in your new destination….

Those screams you hear – a thousand cries of the Dead, packed tight sphere formation. They reach out and touch faith, hoping to escape the prison that has no bars, but our powers here in Darkness keep the Dead clustered.

These are His Spheres, and it’s your destination to protect them.

You shake your head and damn His ideals as though you are a hero deserving some kind of wonderful. You believe yourself noble and pure enough to cast away all shadows from the world? Do not dilute yourself. We know you. Your vices glow as bright as your virtues, but your selflessness we care not. You desire pleasure; to be challenged, to succeed where others failed. Impress me with your reaction time and kill those who think you unworthy. Show them your silence was only a build up. And once broken, your echo will conquer all.

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