HOG riders Itch pt 1

The thunderous roaring stopped suddenly as the last HOG rider killed his engine. The eight riders all remained on their motorcycles until Big Luther swung his leg over his bike and dismounted.

Luther’s mirrored sunglasses reflected a Walgreens store front. He removed the glasses and rubbed his nose vigorously. “Take a break men,” he said, “My nose itches so bad I got to get something for the itch.”

Luther roamed the aisles until he located a shelf containing dozens of creams and ointments. He read the ingredients on a couple of them, but the ingredients baffled him. He zeroed in on a brand that he’d heard of, Preparation H. He picked the giant economy size and headed for the checkout.

The boy checker said, “Our house brand is on sale.”
“No thanks, I don’t have time to experiment,” said Luther.
Checker, “I hear where your coming from, I get the itch now and then myself; usually when I sit to long.”
Luther said, “My itch comes from being exposed to the wind on my motorcycle.”

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