50th Ficlet Challenge: WWIII Begins

I guess we always knew it would happen. The president had but one month left in office when he gave the order for Marshall Law. The inauguration of the next president was suspended.
America had not been attacked.. yet. Russia had invaded much of the ‘Stan’ countries. China invaded Taiwan and North Korea nuked South Korea. The Middle East was at war with Israel.
Canada stayed neutral.
The USA troops were spread thin throughout the world.
Unemployment was almost non existent, as all the young men were fighting for freedom on foreign soil.
The world watched the war on their big screen TV’s.
Fear of being attacked by nuclear bombs, car bombs and terrorist actions was a daily concern.
We were worried because our nephew Jake was missing in action, Uncle Drake was killed in Oman, and our cousin Terry was being shipped out to Ira (formerly Iraq and Iran).
We got the phone call at 2am.
“Yes, thank you for calling Mary. I’ll put the news on now,â€? I said.
Los Angeles had been attacked. And so it began.

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