The Juju Bracelet (3)

When I rose from bed the next day, I still couldn’t believe yesterday’s events. The chances that my so-called “best friend” would find a juju on the street…

I had been looking for Nana’s since she died!

I stepped over to my dresser, and looked at the intricate metal bracelet lie there, hiding under the guise of a peice of jewelry.

If Audrey had only known what power this small thing held…

A smile cracked open on my face as I imagined the events that would unfold in the seemingly uncorrupted city. The events I had been dreaming of since Nana’s death, when I became her successor!

She thought I was a good child, an innocent little girl, willing to do whatever her Nana told her.

She said to only use the bracelet for good, to help keep the city protected, to keep the peace.

Being a stupid child then, I nodded and promised I would never use it for myself.

But Nana had been wrong.

I wasn’t an innocent little girl anymore.

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