HOG riders Itch pt 2

Checker, raising an eyebrow, “Exposed to the wind?”
Luther, “Yeah, I think it’s the cross currents that make it itch. It’s either that or the vibration tickling the hairs.”

Checker, now with both eyebrows are raised. “ much exposure are we talking about?”
Luther shakes his head. “I try to keep it covered, but material rubbing against it isn’t comfortable, so I have to let it out in the open.”

Checker, “I’ll bet you do. Do the cars that pass you notice this, ah, exposure?”
Luther, laying out some bills, “Oh, once in awhile, when I’m scratching it, they notice. They usually smile and wave.”

Checker, smiling with one side of his mouth. “Well, if this doesn’t help, it may pay you to see a good doctor.”

Luther stepped outside and raised the Preperation H box like trophy.

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