The Babysitting Begins

I could feel him staring at me.

Seriously, the small pile of pillow stuffing certainly does have an effective glare.

He tugged at my skirt, and I had to look down. He was a pretty little thing, even though I hate to admit it. His eyes were a honey color, and the feathers on his head were a light, sort of caramel tan.

His body was lean, just like any Hippogriff. His wings were already well formed, and I bet he could use them if he wanted to.

I was ready to walk away from the beast, when Mother Hannah’s words rang in my ears, as if on cue.

If I come back and find Nicodemus neglected, you’ll wish you had taken the weekend off.

That’s right. She named the Hippogriff ‘Nicodemus’.

With the sinister words still playing around in my head, I tentatively picked Nico up, carrying him like a mother would a baby.

He nuzzled my throat and gurgled contentedly, washing me over with his scent of basil.

Why do you have to be so dang cute?

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