A Love Supreme (Part 1in a musical miniseries)

I love music like nobody’s business.
Sure, recordings and such are great, but there’s nothing in heaven or on earth quite like live music. I love classical music the most; there’s just something in it that makes me feel things I never have felt before, or ever would.
I feel the Heavenly Father gave us music to share a piece of the Divine, get a sampling of His creation.
I especially love the music played at a summer music festival in my town. I’d be sitting on the aisle in a Mottville chair, overwhelmed by beauty.
But recently when I listen, I’ve changed my seating options. Sometimes I sit in the back of the balcony, or up in the fly.
More often, however, I’ll sit on the edge of the stage, or under the piano. Or I’ll be bold & lay under the open lid, torso feeling every vibration of steel & copper. Or, bolder still, I’ll sit, crosslegged, in the middle of a string quartet, or even perch on the conductor’s stand facing the orchestra, letting the ocean of sound wash over me, filling the depths of my soul.

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