Mark at the Sundowner

Mark retraced his steps, going south this time. A cop car driving north slowed alongside Mark. Mark recognized Linda one of the night shift, and waved. She waved back and moved on.

In twelve minutes Mark reached First Street, now it was left or right. Marked turned right toward the most expensive motel. It stood to reason, the punks had money now. First Street was the main east- west road through town, so the traffic was heaver. In the halo of light cast by a Sonic Mark crossed over to the south side. The Sundowner motel was another three blocks.

The motels parking lot was three quarters full, a good night. Mark didn’t try to hide, he strode through the lot looking for their car. He was rewarded. There, parked in front of the last room, was the car. He figured punks with money wouldn’t stay cooped up in a room, so he walked around the corner and settled into the shadows of a lilac hedge.

He looked at his watch, it was eight forty. He popped a Lifesaver in his mouth and sat down on the grass.

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