Same Title Writing Prompt (300 ficlets yay!)

For my 300th Ficlet, I propose a writing prompt instead of challenge. There are WAY too many challenges out there right now! I’m not even anywhere near caught up on the ones I want to enter!

And this idea has been jumping around my brain for while.

Sometimes after I title a ficlet, I realize that title could become a ficlet on it’s own. Seeing only the title, an idea pops into my head for a story that might better fit it.

So here’s my prompt/challenge. Go to “your ficlets” page, look only at the titles. Find a title that could mean something completely different, and write a story very unlike the ficlet of the original title.

For instance, my series about a dragon begins with the title, Newborn Hope. But I could write about something else newborn that brings hope for entirely different reasons.

When you write/enter, comment this prompt with links to your two stories bearing the same title.

I will read them. I will comment on them. I will not judge them like a challenge.

Go have fun!

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