Metro Cards and Devo

I slid my metro card quickly through the machine, but it wasn’t working.

“Damn!” I spat out.

A little girl in hand with her mother smiled up at me, tugging on my messenger bag to get my attention.

“You’re doing that wrong lady,” she pointed out, “Its the other way around.”

I turned the card around and slid it through. Passage was granted, and I was overly embarrassed.

Duh Zadie, I thought.

If I was late for work again, Xander would definitely start in on me again.

Luckily, I glided in five minutes early.

“Oh look who decided to show up on time. Can we guess?” Xander said with a fake smile. He was blasting the B 52s in the store again.

“Stuck in the eighties much, Xan?” I laughed, as I threw my bag behind the counter.

“Excuse me Miss Cool Person, but I’m in a mood. Don’t mess with it,” he glared.

“Okay, but if we are going eighties, lets put in some Devo,” I said, reaching for a record.

“Play Gut Feeling,” he suggested.

“Its like you read my mind,” I said.

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