Mark's in the room

Four Lifesavers later the motel door opened and out came the two punks. Mark stood and brushed off his Levis. He watched as they piled into the car, then he casually walked to the front of the Sundowner.

Mark stood under the motels overhang and peered inside. The lobby was empty, with the exception of Duncan, the night clerk. Mark entered the lobby.

“Evenin’ sheriff,” Duncan said.
Mark touched his hat brim and said, “Evenin’ to you Duncan. Mind if I use the head?”
“You know where it’s at,” Duncan said, returning his attention to a paperback novel.
“I’ll go out the backdoor,” Mark said.
Duncan waved.

Mark hurried down the hall past the restroom to the laundry room. He knew where the maids kept the room keys. A glance inside told him the room was empty. He opened the key cabinet and removed the large ring of keys. He walked out of the back door, but not before jamming a little piece of wood between the doorlock.

He walked quickly to room 122, searching for the correct key as he went.

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