Disaster Averted -1

Keven Pickler had never done anything worth mentioning in his 30 years of life. Tonight his actions made it possible for hundreds, if not thousands of people, to live out their lives.

The propane pipeline bulk plant sat quiet in the predawn darkness. One hundred thousand gallons of propane was rushing through the pipline filling three tanks at a time. Every few minutes Keven would don his coat, hat, and gloves, leave the small office and walk out into the cold to check the gauges on the propane tanks.

He would stand in the dark cold silence and watch the gauges creep towards the 90 percent mark. Once they reached 90 percent he would climb the ladder to the ramp over the tanks and open the valves to three more of the huge propane tanks.

He had opened the first tank at 12:55 AM, it was now 2:07.

A propane truck had pulled in at 1:45. Keven clamped the hose onto the tanker and opened the fill valve.Then he walked down the line of tanks to check their progress. Two of the tanks were at 50% one at 20

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