Kevin and the Propane tanks -2

Satisfied with their progress he returned to the office to process the loading papers for the trucker. They made small talk as Kevin typed out the bill of lading.

Suddenly the room was filled with a roaring noise as if a train was outside the building. Kevin and the driver exchanged glances, then Kevin grabbed his coat and went outside. At first it looked as if a heavy fog had settled on the bulk plant, but then Kevin smelled the familiar odor of propane.

Without regard for his own life Kevin ran through the dense fog of propane toward the huge electrical panel, breathing in the gas as he ran. He had to slow to a walk because the gas was so thick he couldn’t see five feet ahead of him.

Kevin knew that any little spark would cause the propane to explode. One after another he closed the circuit breakers. Once that was done he ran through the gas toward the huge propane tanks. He took the stairs two at a time. And tried to open more tanks. The pressure from the pipeline had built so much he couldn’t

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