Marks damage

Inside room 122 Mark noticed that the punks had put their stuff away. This told him they were planning on staying awhile.

Mark checked the closet; inside were four new suits, the price tags still on them, several shirts, also new on hangers,
and two empty suitcases on the floor.

Two of the three dresser drawers were filled with underclothes. Mark ran his hand beneath the clothes. What have we here, he thought, removing two large switch-blade knives. Mark pressed the small button, a very sharp blade shot out and locked in place.

Mark returned to the closet and, with the switch-blade, proceeded to slice up the new suits and shirts. Once they were reduced to rags he closed the knife and put it with the other one in his pocket. He dumped the contents of the dresser drawers on the floor. Satisfied with the damage, Mark fished the broken shard of ivory from his pocket, the piece that had broken off when the punks threw his gun on the ground, and placed it on the counter next to the sink.

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