Harry Potter 8: Friends can Fight To

As he edged closer through th disturbing woods, the wind picked up and rustled his cloak. He was careful not to make a sound. . Harry might hear him coming. Well, at least he was pretty sure that Harry was hiding here. Although Harry was quite unexpected at sometimes.

He glanced around, checking his surroundings. He had arrived at a clearing in the woods. A peaceful sanctuary that he had been to many times before. The wind always seemed to stop completely here. It made him feel at peace with everything.

Almost everything…

What would happen next? Harry was here, he could feel it. But it didn’t seem like he was going to show himself soon. “Come out!” he barked in an angry tone.

This was getting old. He never had been so eager for a fight to begin. Never. He had always been the shy one,the full-time quitter and only the never in line for attention.

Harry was sooooo important. He got lucky. “The boy who lived.” Oooh, big deal. But now he was ready.

Xavin was ready.*

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