Harry Potter 8: The Death Eaters Rise and Plan To Stay Atop.

Cassius revved the engine to the motorcycle and rocketed forward. As it ascended into the clouds he scanned the area for the sign.

There it was to his east, around three miles away. Below, muggles shouted in awe at the sight of a flying motorcycle. Grinning, Cassius conjured a large boulder and dropped it.

There were more wizards here than Cassius had expected. He had thought he might be the only Death Eater. Slowing his Harley to a stop, he surveyed the area. A makeshift podium stood in the middle of the forest. All sorts of wizards were beginning to appear. Goblins, humans, elves, even centaurs and talking spiders. Now everyone and everything was a wizard. He parked the motorcycle and walked towards the clearing his blade hanging over his back.

The fight tonight would be one to remember. The Death Eaters had always known where Harry was. Voldemort was just a creepy puppet. Tonight, the real leader would fight Harry, and most likely kill him. That real leader was Xavin.

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