Harry Potter 8: A Battle to Begin (Part 1)

Xavin’s patience grew even thinner. He grabbed for his wand and easily swept three trees straight out of the ground. He yelled in anger. “Come out, come out Harry,” he taunted. “I know you’re hiding there. Be a big boy and let me kill you.”


Xavin’s muscles tensed for a milisecond, then returned to normal. A cheap shot. But Xavin had grown near immune to that spell ages ago.

He turned around. About 10 feet up, Harry hovered on his broom. “Harry, Harry, Harry,” Xavin said calmly as he ascended to become parallel with Harry. “I am immortal. Your years of marriage have slowed you down, while I, have been becoming a god.”

Harry straightened out his spectacles. “You bloody bastard!” Harry screamed as he charged towards his foe. Xavin teleported a few feet out of the way. “You killed Ginny!” Harry yelled for bloody murder.

He summoned fire and hurled it in a tornado at Xavin. But a shield expanded around him and pushed the fire back, blowing Harry backwards.

Continued *

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