Harry Potter 8: The Rise of Xavin and the Death Eaters

Xavin had been a prodigy wizard since he was a baby. By three he had taught himself thousands of spells, writing books to remember them. This was before he even knew that he wasn’t the only wizard in the world.

When Hogwarts found out about Xavin they immediately brought him to the school and tried to shelter him from the Dark Arts. Alas, Xavin managed to get his hands on a book on the Dark Arts and began to teach himself the ways of the historical Dark Wizards.

Xavin had managed to find a spell to keep himself a child, that way nobody would expect him of wrong doing. As he learned to harness the power of evil he gained a cult following. One of his first pupils was Voldemort, who at the time was Tom Riddle. Xavin’s fellowship of dark wizards continued to grow and he decided to warn the world of their existence by killing many people, including the Potter family. Except for Harry, the youngest. Xavin had let him survive. At the time he was important to Xavin’s vast plans. Now he was unneeded

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