What Are We To Do?

“Captain Taylor…the three men who were left in Libya were killed off….â€?

Lt. Vahn looked at the Captain and looked at the screen in front of them showing what was left of Libya. The screen showed smoke rising from the ground covered in dead bodies of what were left of the men who fought…or at least tried to fight off the enemies in Libya.

“And I thought you said that the system WOULD WORK THIS TIME !?â€? The Captain slammed his fist into his desk sending papers off onto the ground. “What kind of crap job are you guys doing? I’m working with a group of IDOITS . We have lost the battle agents Congress…Do you understand that if we want to take over The House we need to win the war. Ever since the human race has evolved the world has been in total chaos. We can’t even keep up with their new weapons. Trying to mimic what they have is proving to be useless since you and any other person who has tried to mimic their new technology has failed. So you tell me Vahn what are we going to do?â€?

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