Harry Potter 8: A Battle to Begin (Part 2)

“Don’t forget the mudblood and carrot-top,” Xavin teased. “man, they begged like babies.” Xavin took offense, and incinerated Harry’s broom. Harry fell a few feet but caught him self with what little flying skills he had. He neatly hovered to the ground, sitting like a duck.

Xavin reached to sky, calling lightning to strike where he pleased. His malicious laugh broke through the booming of thunder. Harry blocked one, two, three. But Xavin swooped in on him like a ghost and knocked him over. Again, he laughed haughtily as he watched Harry writhe in pain. “HAHA! C’mon Harry, at least make this fun.”


The ground shook as earth shot up at Xavin knocking him off guard. His laughing ceased and the storm halted. Xavin lowered himself to the ground, disappointed.

Harry panted, backing away. But again, Xavin teleported so that he was inches away from Harry. He grabbed him close and whispered, “Goodbye Harry Potter,” as he stabbed his sharpened wand through Harry’s chest. *

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