Deductive Results: Elementary Conclusions.

Watt placed the tips of her thin fingers as she seated herself in a plush armchair by the giant mantlepiece. “Yes, four in particular…” she mused, mostly to herself.
NightMaiden ingeniously wrote of that guitar string mystery. Most observant.” NightMaiden blushed.
“That infamous kitchen disturbance, N555champ, was cleared up by you. A most original case. And we cannot forget the Mass Rock Dude’s efforts with that extremely trying & twisting narritive. Very well done.”
“But that’s everyone here! Who else is there?” questioned Orange Oreos in dismay.
“The most surprising case I saw was spun by a certain Mighty Joe Young. This one certainly caught me off-guard. If I’m not mistaken, he’s puttering right by this very window on a moped; one of a rather shocking shade of pink, I must say.” We rushed to the window. There was Mighty Joe, spinning donuts on a Pepto-Bismal pink moped in the street below.
Watt smiled her mysterious grin as we turned & gawked at her in surprise.
“Elementary,” said she

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