The Sky Above

It was dusk and the sky out side was colored in the shape of half a sun falling into the center of the earth. The boy opened his eyes and looked out side his window. The birds were flying in a circle. Flapping their weightless wings, whistling to the sound of the ocean smashing its waves into the wet rocks.

He smiled and stood up from his bed and opened the window to feel the misty breeze from the salty water below him. The city was talking and walking along with the times that changed from dusk to dawn. This was the city he was going to leave for The Skies Above.

Soon the sun would be in the earth’s core and the moon would cover the paths in shadow. The boy knew if he wanted to reach The Sky he would have to follow the path of light into the shadows of the night.

The birds flew off into the unknown, their silver wings soaring through The Sky. He jumped out of the window and his mind filled with the words that would make him run back, o how badly he wanted to be with the one in The Sky.

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