Calming Down

It’s now noon. Nick wants to take me to lunch, and I’m trying to get myself out of it. I have just spent three hours with him, and have earned myself four new bruises.

They really was my fault though. We were talking about parties and I let slip my hook up with Eric last night. And he saw the smile that lit up my face when I said Eric’s name. I was still scolding myself for that one.

I finally convinced him I had to go visit my grandma at the hospital in the next town. He left eventually, but not with out giving me a very forceful goodbye kiss. I sank to the floor when he left and cried for the second time in twenty four hours.

After I had clamed down a bit, I took a shower. The water burned the places Nick had hit me today, but I dealt with it. The water helped calm me down majorly. When I stepped out, I looked myself over. There were angry red marks on my back and front. I sighed as I wrapped a towel around myself to go find clothes and call Mara.

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