PJ - dead or alive

They say “show me the money”. We framed 2.0, now we’ll do a 3.0, a 4.0 and soon an x.x.. PJ was sitting thinking is this the next bubble. Bubble schmuble… cared less. PJ had great ideas. He still has. He’s also scared to loose them. He thought of trashing his job. A family of four to feed, that thought vanishes. What about fame? guruism? billion dollar bank rolls?
He worked out the last bit design on the latest greatest 2.0 application. The extra pizza helped. The caffeine helped. The paycheck helped. His little new product was the break. His two kids stare at him from his screen. The tablet didn’t help. The upload worked. The server was alive. Born was his new baby. She roared. Email sent. Blogosphere spoke. News mayhem. He turns for home. Heads for the freeway. Unfortunate truck collision. Leg amputated. 30 day hiatus. Kid’s scared. Wife cared. Wheelchair worked. Agony preferred backseat. Sorrow mixed. He thanks God hes alive. 2.0 thinks he’s alive. New day. Where’s the food? The table’s staring…

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