Finally Happiness?

As he looked around him hundreds of forest animals appeared, trotting and skipping around, having fun, not trying to kill him. Everywhere he looked there was happiness.

It got better though. Everything he ever wanted just appeared out of nowhere. A mansion with a McDonald’s inside it, all the Xbox 360 games he could ask for. He couldn’t believe his eyes. The meadow was magic.

He saw lions and tigers playing with each other happily. A liger flew by suddenly and he gasped. All of his hopes, dreams, and wishes were coming true in this dream. It was all so vivid, so real that he couldn’t believe it.

HIs muscles tingled as he hoped on the mini-dirtbike he had aways wanted and revved the small engine. He had never been this happy before. Never. As he frolicked in between his new toys and games something began to happen.

Everything started getting blurry. The toys were fading in and out. For a second it was pitch black.

Then Will woke up.

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