Eternal thoughts

Deep in his thoughts he didn’t see Ethyl approach him.

“Okay Henry, we can go now,” she said, holding out a couple of sacks of clothing she’d bought in Sears.

Henry moaned as he climbed to his feet from the bench in the mall and took the offered sacks.

Henry said, “Have you given any thought to the fact that our grandchildren will outgrow these clothes in a month or two?”

Ethyl suddenly stopped. “Oh, I forgot; I have to get a card for Timmys birthday.” With that, she handed the two sacks she was carrying to Henry. “I’ll be back in a minute.” She headed for Walgreen.

Henry plopped down on mall bench, setting the bags beside him. As he sat, he glanced around at other old men sitting on benches, and wondered what their thoughts were.

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