Slant eyed Focus

I closed my eyes and struggled to remember what the paper had said.
The sweat dripped slowly, oh so slowly down my eyelid and slipped through the vanguard of eyelashes to rest, stinging my eye.
Needs to focus That’s what it had said!
was that why dad left us? Mom said he loved me, but maybe I just hadn’t focused enough.
How do you focus on something?
How do you focus on something?
How do you focus on something?
dictionary dictionary dictionary. I need to know.
FOCUS : Main emphasis concentrated effort or attention on a particular thing, area of concern, sharpness of image, focal point disease origin point on cone, adjust lens adjust vision…

but none of those things make sense. i can focus just fine. tommy was the one who couldn’t see right. He lived on the next block…Why did I need focus?

But Mom said to always listen to the teacher, so I picked up the paper, screwed my eyes up to a squint, and tried again.

Nothing changed.

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