children friends (3)

The pully hook looked higher than it did in daylight. And the wooden pole looked rough with stickers.

Bobby said, “Billy, you climb on my shoulders and see if you can reach it.â€? He bent down and Billy straddled his neck. Once he stood erect, Billy, his arms around the pole pulled himself upright.

Billy stood on Bobbys shaky shoulders and reached up for the cable hook. His outstretched hand never came closer than two feet.

Red said, “Bobby, could you lift me too?â€?
“No,â€? Bobby said as Billy climbed down.

Then, from the quiet darkness, came a voice. “What you doing?â€?
All the boys turned at once. And there stood Billys little brother, seven year old David.

Red said, “I’ll bet you could lift David.â€?

Billy got on Bobbys shoulders, and Red hoisted David up to sit on Billys shoulders. They tottered around a bit, until Bobby grasp the pole.

The extra height was all they needed to reach the hook. David pulled with one hand, but couldn’t budge it. “Use both hands,â€? Red called up.

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