childhood friends (4)

David took his hand from Billys forehead and grasped the hook with both hands. Again he pulled, but only budged the hook a little.

Red told Bobby, “Kneel a little so all his weight is on it.â€?
Bobby started to kneel when Red shouted, “A car! A police car!â€?

Billy jumped. Bobby and Red ran. And David…… Well David hung on to the hook that had now pulled away from it’s anchor. His weight was a counter weight to the arm of the light pole and he begun swinging around the pole like a mad moon around a planet.

The car passed beneath the unseen orbiting satellite without slowing. It was not a police car.

The other three friend were back on the front stoop watching the swinging antics from afar.


They didn’t have long to wait. On a low pass David let go of the cable. He crashed landed and at the same time the streetlight crashed into the middle of the street.

Tomorrow the boys would watch the maintenance crew put up a new one.

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