Freddy-Joe Young still dead

Mellissa Sue scooped out another big helping of icecream.


Mellissa jumped, spilling chocolate on her new white shorts. “Damn,” she said, trying to dab away the stain. She had been so careful not to get blood on her shorts, now the stupid police were trying to knock down a door that wasn’t locked.

The door exploded into the room, followed by a room full of armed men with helmets, and armour, and masks over their eyes. Kinda like you see on tv. They all stood still, their guns pointing at Mellissa.

Mellissa held out the Ben & Jerry carton. “Want some icecream?” she asked.

Through the dust and wood splinters stepped a tall steely eyed, square jawed, detective, in a Kelvin Klein suit.
“I’m Detective Elsha Hawk,” he said in a rather high pitched voice. “Are you the one that called 911 about a killing?”

“Yes, I did. I’m Mellissa Sue, and over there is the late Freddy-Joe Young.”

Detective Hawk nodded to his men to check the dead man.
To Mellissa he said, “Do you know who did this?”

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