She sits on her bed, her laptop positioned comfortably on her legs. She impationly drums her fingers across the keys. Finally what she is waiting for loads. She enters her information and waits again, for what feels like forever.

Her page loads then and she clicks on the botton third from the left at the top. This one loads quicker, and so soon her fingers are flying across her keyboard. The words in her head are being typed faster then she can truely understand them.

All to soon, she finishes. Then mutters under her breath as she realizes she is 48 characters over. She scrolls up and re-reads what she typed out.

She edits a few mistypes and takes out some words here and there. Finally she hits nirvana. Once again, she reads through what she wrote. Satisfied with what she wrote, she hits the publish button.

She sits back and waits. Just letting the feeling of finishing wash through her. Finally, she returns to the home screen. She smiles when she sees she already has a new comment on her story.

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