The trouble with MAGENTS

We find Captain Taylor and Lieutenant Vahn sitting in silence in the Captain’s office. Taylor is staring out the window and Vahn is just staring.
Suddenly, the silence is broken by a soft “pop”. Standing in the middle of the office, in front of the Captain’s desk, is MAGENT Hartuging. (A MAGENT is a metal robot that contains the brain of a member of the Obe race. An alien race from the Wan cluster of planets that were maneuvered into an orbit around the star we call Sagittarius.) Hartuging says “Captain, I have been discussing your problem with the other MAGENTS scattered across the Earth using my UNIFINITY connection. “They believe that, with some help from home, we can cut Libya off from the continent, move them into the middle of the sea, and lay siege to them. “I am popping off to Wan to talk with the COMMANDER .”
There is a soft pop and Hartuging is gone. “I wish they wouldn’t pop in and out like that. “It’s enough to scare a troop like me to death” says Vahn.
The eerie sounds of silence descend again!

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