Bladder Relief 101

“I have to go!!!!!!!!!”

I streamed past everyone in the busy Metro station, holding on to my purse, dragging my luggage, and trying my best not to pee my skirt as I pushed everyone out of my way.

I followed the small yellow signs, and the blessed door with the universal WC appeared before my eyes.

I gasped with delight, and surged forward, luggage forgotten as I mercilessly dragged it forward on it’s side, wheels spinning uselessly.

I fell against the door, and was halfway inside before I noticed the man sitting there, shock written in big, bold letters across his mouth.

I just stood there, shock making my own desperate needs forgotten, gaping like a fish until I pulled myself together, and rushed out the door again, mumbling my sincerest apologies, and I’m so sorry, and I hope I didn’t disturb you.

I sat outside, face completely red, bladder at bursting point, until he came out, and I rushed in, again mumbling apologies as I closed the door behind me and utter relief was restored to my organs.

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