The Writer Has An Idea!

“Just because my hair is – radiant and fiery, doesn’t mean you have to put it down for your…dull and dark locks!” I sputtered, now laughing in between words.

“Dull and dark? My hair rivals the night sky! ‘Tis a color worthy of a raven!”

Now I was earnestly laughing; I don’t know why I found this conversation so amusing.

Anyone that would have walked in on us would have considered us a pair of lunatics.

If Scooter had eyebrows, they’d be raised way up by now. I don’t think my kitty’s ever heard me laugh, unless it’s at some of his laugh – worthy antics.

“I don’t have the slightest inkling as to why I’m talking about hair color with someone like you,” I said, picking up Scooter and cradling him in my arms so I could tickle his belly.

“You think I have one?” Raine told me, leaning over my shoulder to look at Scooter.

He reached out, and Scooter’s green eyes instantly narrowed.

“I guess he still doesn’t like me, then.”

“Don’t look crestfallen – hey, wait, I have an idea!”

“Oh, no.”

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