Getting Cold In Cali

We stood outside the Gate H terminal at Los Angelas International Airport. Brian’s flight for England had left a couple of hours ago and then we split up. Joe and Nick had gone to the mall for Christmas shopping, and Kevin,Emily and I were picking up Emily’s parents.
“This is gonna be interesting.” Emily commented.
“Emily!” A woman with dark hair hugged her.
“Hi, Mom!” Emily laughed.
“Emily, I’m so glad to see you!” said her Dad, also hugging her.
“I’m glad to see you too.”She smiled. “Mom you remember Kevin.”
“Hi Mrs. Rice, Mr. Rice.”Kevin grinned, hugging Emily’s Mom and giving her dad a handshake.
I stood fidgeting with my Pepper Unlimited hoodie, feeling a bit nervous.
“And this,” Emily said beaming. “Is my friend Wesley Robin.”
Emily’s parents studied me carefully and I self conciously pulled my hat down around my ears. “Hi.” I extended a hand.
Mrs. Rice ignored it. “So you’re Wesley.” she said frowning.
“Its nice to meet you!” her Dad exclaimed, shaking my hand.
Her mom doesn’t like me.

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