Lone Writer Has Seen Better Days

Lone Writer regained consciousness and nearly lost it again once she felt the pain she was in. “Ack!” she choked out.

Fantasy’s concerned face appeared over her immediately. “Thank God! You’re awake!” She shook her head. “For awhile there I thought you were a goner.”

Lone Writer tried to sit up without much luck. “I feel like one. What’s wrong with me?” she coughed.

“Your missing the lower half of your body.” Fantasy said.

WHAT ?!” Lone Writer cried in horror.

Fantasy snickered. “Just kidding.”

Lone Writer glared at her. “You’re lucky you’re my friend, ‘cause I would shoot you right about now.”

Fantasy ignored the comment. “You have multiple bullet wounds from Elsha. Lucky you you’re so black that she mistaked your head for the cave and shot the person next to you.”

Lone Writer winced. “I don’t like being shot.”
“I know.”

“I’m going to kill her too.”

Fantasy frowned. “Your not going to kill anyone just yet. You can’t even move. And there are some things you should know.”

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