Stationwagons (Weirdest Dream Challenge)

I sat in the car with Joe, Kevin and Nick Jonas and we were driving through Oklahoma.

“There are no cars in Oklahoma.” Joe said.

“Um, Joe. We’re in a car.” I pointed out.

“No. We’re in a Stationwagon.” He replied.

“No we’re not.” Nick rolled his eyes. “And even if we were, a Stationwagon is still a car.”

“No!” Joe insisted. “Stationwagons are in an entirely different category then cars!”

Kevin looked at his brother. “Dude, you’re completely insane.”

“I’m serious!” Joe exclaimed.

“Seriously psychotic!” I laughed as the car stopped at Wendy’s.

We all got out and went inside to eat. And of course I woke up.

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