The Hairy tale ends for Freddy_Joe Young

“Of course it looks great on his head, she said.

All the men in the room exchanged glances. Most of them would love to have hair like Feddy_Joe Young. Elsha Hawk absently ran his hand over his bald spot. He had been short changed in his family. His sister Mistress Elsha Hawk, (for some reason their parents were in love with the name Elsha) had a full mane of flaming red hair.

Addressing Mellissa, Detective Hawk said, “Okay, now you can tell us what this is all about. About his hair?”

Mellissa uncrossed her legs and scratched her butt. “His hair is falling out all over the place, and I got dern tired of having to pick it up. It’s in the bed and in the bathroom sink; it falls out in the car and lookie here, it’s all over the sofa. But the last straw was when it was all over the shower walls.” She shivered. “It was like having a fir coat inside out, you know?”

“I told him if he didn’t clean it up I would shoot him right between the eyes. That fool said, go ahead, so I did.”

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