Wilber stomped his feet, fighting the damp chill in the small unheated guard shack. Every time his stomped his feet the massive amount of keys he carried jangled like christmas bells. A 100 watt bare lightbulb was his only heat source. He had been there 3 hours now, with 5 more to go.

The wind had picked up and it was spitting snow, when he got the call. “Hello, guard gate.” he said.

“This is nurse Cookie on the third floor we need you up here stat. Hurry!” Click.

“Oh crap,” Wilber said aloud. The third floor of the hospital was where they kept the mental patients. With half frozen hands he locked the gate, then ran across the parking lot, his keys slamming his leg on one side and his night stick on the other leg.

He was out of breath when he entered the main hospital.
Bypassing the elevator he raced up the three flights of stairs and pushed open the door to the third floor. “Oh, thank god you’re here,” nurse Cookie said. “We lost the key to the rest room.”

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