Zero X Nine:Contact(2)

After a debacle like that, what was the ministry supposed to do? They busted me right back down to private in the Planetary Defense Forces(PDF). Sweet. Im on the platform waiting for the gravy train to come pick me up and now here I am, Hell on Earth. Well, not really, but whatever, you know what I mean.

I got shit on alot in the PDF . Everybody knew my name thanks to some goddamn reporter. They even gave me a new nickname, Whiskey. Charming people, these soldiers. Anyway, I worked my way up to seargent pretty quickly. 2 years after being booted out of the goverment and now I was commander of my very own platoon of spec ops.

I thought I was back on track, you know? Id go to some hole in the wall outpost and chill, pick up some hours. Disgraced Official turns life around with Military Service. Full reinsatement expected. That would be the headline. I could almost see it in my mind and at night I was almost sure I was in my old nonarmy issue bed.

Holy shit was I wrong.

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