Skipping [WDC (EoP)]

[The following’s a real dream]

My brother, friend, mother & I were in a giant store. My brother wanted to buy something, but we all noticed it was priced wrong. I said something about wanting to look for something, so I skipped off (yes, skip) into another section.

I stopped at an aisle of belts and beaded shoes. I peered around the corner and spied two men in powder-blue suits, one of which I recognised to be my rather eccentric 8th grade English teacher. I surely didn’t want to be spotted, so I skipped off, occasionally galloping as my left leg was very sore.

Then I ran into my friend. She gave me a a chocolate chip bagel with glaze on it. She insisted it didn’t have enough glaze, but I said I’d eat it.

I was last seen skipping off into the aisled horizon.

[Author’s note: my left leg was sore when I woke up… coincidence?]

{Well, that’s it. I’ve had stranger dreams, but that’s the only one I could remember that I deemed strange enough. I leave the judging in worthy hands. ~lpi}

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