Detective/Twilight Zone challenge - Three wise vixens and a detective

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Detective Keen was puzzled. In his long career as an hardboiled detective in Raincloud city, he had seen only two kinds of clients: sultry, bored ladies storming in his office with some simple simple nuisiances to solve, in exchange for everlasting love and gratitude, but very few money indeed, and freaks. Namely, that kind of very strange people with even stranger crimes on them.

So, when Kane Keen found himself staring to three sultry, bored ladies, storming in his office with the most freaky story he ever heard, he really didn’t know what to do.

“So, you tell me that it’s a simple job?”

“Yes”, replied Miss Grant, a bubbly redhead, with oddly white eyeballs staring at nothing “You must simply retrieve my eyesight”

“AND MY HEARING ! DON’T FORGET MY HEARING !”, jelled Miss Blue, a loud brunette, a big hat dangling over missing ears

Miss Blaine, once a softspoken blonde, didn’t say much. Nodding in understanding, pointed her painted mouth, lacking a tongue…

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