Autumn and Justin: Little Brother

I slowly put my books in my locker at the end of the day. It felt weird not to have to rush to catch the bus. I wished I had a mirror to get a good look at myself. I grabbed my backpack out ad set it on the floor. As usual it was heavy. Some Fridays were pretty bad on homework.

“Hi Autumn!” It was Jeremy. He obviously got the extroverted personality in the family. He smiled at me. I had to smile back. I wanted a good impression.

“I know for a fact that Justin doesn’t work this weekend, so you could come over tomorrow.” Justin shot him a look, though I didn’t catch it.

“Oh re-ally!” Which brother wanted me over? “Well I have to get permission first.” Though I don’t want to sound childish, this at least gave Justin some time to think about it, and also closed the topic, for now.

“Have to ask your Mom? You have a curfew too?!” Jeremy was pushing the subject.

“Yeah. I’m a girl. Parents are more protective!” I said defensively.

“O-k!” Jeremy wasn’t buying it.
We walked out to the school parking lot.

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