Susan's Home

I drove the rest of the way home in silence. I glanced at her from time to time, but she sat looking out the window like a bus rider.
My house was dark when I pulled into the driveway. That was a good sign; it meant my parents were asleep. I made sure I parked far enought over so my dad could get out of the garage in the morning.
She got out on the passenger side without a word. I removed the keys from the ignition and grabbed my purse. I climbed out and looked across the top of the car. She was gone. I dropped down on my knees and looked under the car. No one was there either.
I beeped the car lock then ran to the back door.
Once in my room, I climbed on my bed and called my best friend Leslie.
“Leslie, it’s Susan.”
Leslie’s voice, like ice, said,”What do you want?”
“Leslie, what’s wrong?”
“You know damn well what’s wrong. You ruined the party for me. Why did you have to act so crazy, pushing people and ranting like a crazy person? I’m too angry to talk to you tonight.”


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