Lil' Krully Joins The Posse

“Oh God.” Lone Writer sighed. “I have that type of luck.”
Fantasy shrugged. “There’s more.”
Lone Writer groaned.
“Band Baby has joined the other side.”
“What?!” Lone Writer roared.
“Why aren’t you paying attention to me?” the little boy cried, tears forming in his eyes.
Fantasy turned to him. “Who are you?”
“I’m Lil’ Krully.” he sniffed.
“Really?” Lone Writer’s eyes softened. “Would you like to join my Posse, Lil’ Krully?”
“L.W.!” Fantasy cried in protest.
“You’re not the one lying in a bleeding mess on the floor!” She snarled. “I can do whatever I want!”
“I know. I know.” Fantasy apologized. “But we already have a full Posse.”
“G2 is alive, and she was on the waiting list.”
“We have a waiting list??” Lone Writer demanded.
“Um, no.” Fantasy shook her head. “Its complicated.”
Lil’ Krully knelt next to Lone Writer.”I won’t let you down, I promise.”
“I know sweetheart.” LW said, she had a softspot for kids. (Even if they were the spawn of an evil maniac)
“Welcome to the Posse kid.”

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