Raoul Lambert

Amilie started to hyperventilate. “What are you going to do with me?”
“What are we going to do? We’re taking you with us! Already, we’re half-way across the country, we can’t possibly bring you back now!” Guillaume was exasperated.
“You mean… you’re not going to…? You guys don’t wear long capes, you’re not any more pale than anyone else, you’re teeth are of average length…” Three of them looked at each other. “Raoul.” They said it with touch of amusment.
“Pardon?” Amilie’s eyebrows furrowed. Florence began to explain.
“Raoul Lambert was the ‘genius’ behind all of that. He was always a bit dramatic, no pun intended. But, he was a vampire. He had this thing about biting humans while wearing such… ridiculous things…”
“Besides,” added Guillaume. “We prefer animal blood. It has a cleaner taste.”
“And those things that I didn’t see?”
“Were trying to kill us.” He winced.

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